In response to a brief set by the RSA to create an animation that visualises and illuminates the dialogue of Tiffany Dufu’s ‘Not Enough Time’ podcast in which she discusses the impossible standards that women expect of themselves in their day to day life; we created ‘150 Lists’.
We wanted our animation to represent the truths of everyday women, and began gathering ‘to do’ lists from real people. After receiving mountains of lists we gained an excellent insight into the things people set themselves up to do in a day, week, month or even year.  We also received multiple comments from people about the ridiculousness of the lists they make.​​​​​​​
We found the marks that people left to be a really interesting visual in representing these small achievements that we make within a day and how they are all personal to the individual people. From the handwritten lists we received, we traced the lines, circles, crosses and ticks that people had made. This visually represented the quantity of things on the lists, depicting the expectation many of us have, to complete all the tasks that we place on ourselves.
Throughout our narrative, the diary represents a space that holds our personal expectations, beginning with a blank page where the marks build up throughout the excerpt with the aim to portray the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. Finally, the diary is removed, visualising the extraction of the impossible ideals we set upon ourselves.
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