My dissertation discussed the curation of collections of everyday objects and the rich value of the ‘everyday’ to both the personal collector and the artist. Curating the Everyday is a publication created from this dissertation; it reflects the theme in its form and visualises the aesthetic of collections as well as the two opposing arguments discussed. 
To reflect the idea of ‘the archive’ onto the publications format, it is stored within a box that requires no glue and relies solely on the folds to create a delicate and archival box giving the feeling of fragility and protection. The book uses neutral tones, uncoated papers, hand stitching and letterpress to represent the everyday and handmade finishes of collections.
The publication is divided by chapter into smaller books to create a collection of discussions within one entity. Each chapters source images are also contained within separate leaflets, stitched into the centre of their corresponding chapter which exactly cover the text underneath. Included amongst the publication are quotes from collectors who gather everyday and mundane objects, to show their standpoint on the subject.
The book is divided into sections to give the feeling of multiple discussions within one. Each chapter is then bound separately into a dos-a-dos bind, so that each chapter made up its own book. Alternative to a usual concertina bind this also allowed me to run the alternate argument on the other side, reflecting the two opposing arguments.
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