The Monopoly Playbook is a typographic intervention surrounding the system of game play. By recording and transcribing a 3-hour game of Monopoly, I have paired the written rules of Monopoly with how the game is actually/truthfully played.
The book is covered in red book cloth representing the back of the Monopoly board, with the Albertus arrow embossed on the front hinting at the ‘GO’ space on the board.
The text is divided into 8 columns, representing each of the 8 players. Starting from the left column with the transcription of the first person to leave the game and ending on the right side with the winner of the game. The transcription is set in 8pt, with its paired rule in 40pt and an enlarged quote from the transcription that sums up the ‘truthful’ rule in 80pt. The red counters depict the movement carried out by each player.
The book is designed in 2 halves that unfold like a board game and match up in the centre to show a typographic representation of the classic Monopoly board. It is typeset in two typefaces ‘Albertus’ the typeface used on London road signs and ‘Bembo’ a British serif typeface commonly used for body text.
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